Enara Garro
Associate Professor in Criminal
Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of the Basque Country

Tel. (+34)943 01 8074


The main research lines I am working on are the following ones:

  • Compensation for damages and purpose of punishment
  • Plea for mitigating circumstances
  • Determination of the penalty
  • Positive post-crime behaviour within the organised crime and terrorism
  • Hate crimes
  • Criminal statutes of limitations
  • Penitentiary provisions applied to convicted on terrorism charges

At the moment I am member of two research teams: one of them is funded by the the Basque Government (IT 859-13) and directed by Prof. Lasagabaster Herrarte; the other one, funded by the Spanish Government (DER2015-64599-P) and directed by Prof. Landa, analyses the hate crimes and terrorism.